Utah Plumbers License Renewal FAQs

Utah plumbers, your license renewal deadline is quickly approaching. Make sure you’re ready to renew your license before the November 30th deadline to avoid costly fees or a lapse in licensure. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to renew your license, that’s why we’ve complied this list of frequently asked questions and their answers:

When is my Utah plumbers license due for renewal?

November 30 of every even-numbered year.

Do I have to complete continuing education to renew my Utah plumbing license?

Yes, you must complete 12-hours of approved continuing education including a minimum of 8-hours of core education.

How do I renew my Utah plumbing license?

  1. Complete 12-hours of approved continuing education
  2. The state will mail you a renewal notice 60 days prior to expiration. Complete the renewal form and pay the $63 renewal fee.

How do I submit my Utah plumber continuing education to the state?

Plumbers Training Institute will submit your continuing education within two business days of course completion.

Where do I find state-approved continuing education to renew my Utah plumbers license?

Plumbers Training Institute offers Utah-approved online HD video continuing education for plumber license renewal. Our continuing education and our exam prep programs are based on Utah’s requirements and IPC code.

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