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North Dakota Plumber Licensing FAQs

How to Get a North Dakota Plumber License

  1. Meet the minimum experience requirements:
    1. Journeyman: Have four years and 7,600 hours of experience as an apprentice working for a licensed master plumber
    2. Master: Be at least 21 years old and have two years and 3,400 hours of experience as a licensed journeyman
  2. Submit a completed application for licensure along with the application & exam fees to the board
  3. Wait for approval, then take and pass your exam
  4. Pay the license fee

North Dakota Plumber Exam Prep


“I am a Journeyman Plumber in Colorado. I have wanted to get my master license for a while, but having three kids it’s been difficult with time. I found this course online and my employer backed me on taking it. I recommend this course highly.”

Aaron Hill, CO

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