Author: Sara Chauvette

Becoming A Plumbing Apprentice: Education & Training

Apprentices typically need a high school diploma to get started. You gain all of the education and training you need on the job, while being paid. Apprenticeships last between 4 and 5 years depending on the state (check your state for specific details). During your apprenticeship you will acquire between 7.500 and 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and typically between 500 hours and 750 hours of in-class instruction. Once you have met your state’s requirements you will mostly complete an exam to get to the next stage of licensing.

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How To Become a Georgia Master Plumber

To become a master plumber in Georgia you must: have a minimum of 5 years qualifying experience with at least 2 years as a journeyman plumber, plumbing contractor, plumbing foreman, plumbing superintendent, or military plumber. If you are applying for a Class 2 license you must have experience with commercial or industrial plumbing, provide 3 notarized original reference forms from licensed plumbers who can attest to your plumbing experience, and submit a completed application and non-refundable $30 fee with documentation of the required experience and other qualifications and reference information.Wait for the Board approval letter.

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How do I get a Utah Plumbers License?

Apprentice plumbers must meet state requirements before applying to become a Journeyman. State requirements include completing 8,000 hours of training in four years including 576 clock hours of classroom instruction as an apprentice OR 16,000 hours of on the job training and instruction in 8 years as an apprentice. To become a master plumber you must have 4,000 hours of experience in a supervisory plumbing role.

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