Florida Plumber Continuing Education

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Renewal Deadline: Certified Contractors: August 31 every even-numbered year. Registered Contractors: August 31 every odd-numbered year.

Continuing Education: Registered and certified contractors must complete 14 hours every two years.

Florida Plumber FAQs

State Approved Continuing Education

We provide state-approved courses that meet all of your continuing education requirements. Courses are on demand in HD video and tailored to IPC or UPC codes. Study at your own pace from any internet connected device – 24/7!

Florida Plumber Continuing Education Packages

  • Florida 14 Hour CE Package #1
    Product Image Uniform Plumbing Code

    This 14 hour package fulfills all state Continuing Education requirements for a 2 year renewal cycle for Florida Plumbers .

    • 6 Hour Florida Required Competency
    • 3 Hour Mastering Isometrics – Simplified
    • 3 Hour International Fuel and Gas Code
    • 1 Hour ADV Thermal & Moisture Protection:  Keeping the Weather Out
    • 1 Hour Plan Reading
  • Florida 14 Hour CE Package #2
    Product Image Package 2

    This 14 hour package fulfills all state Continuing Education requirements for a 2 year renewal cycle for Florida Plumbers .

    • 7 Hr Construction Safety Standards | Florida Approval #0610133
    • 6 Hr Required Competency Course | Florida Approval #0610132
    • 1 Hr 2020 Gable End Anchoring and Framing in High-Velocity Hurricane Zones Advanced Module | Florida Approval #0612574


“Your courses are inexpensive with an easy to use platform. Much more convenient than taking time off work to go to a live course. I like that I can do it on my own time, very convenient”

Adam, UT

Individual Courses

  • 2010 ADA Standards: Key Features and Elements | Florida
    Product Image ADA Accessibility

    7 Accessibility Hour Video & Audio Course
    Approval #0610639

    Learn how the ADA Standards for Accessible Design applies to construction projects with on-site examples of accessible buildings used by both the public and private sector.
    0.7 ICC C&S CEUs – Approval #25473 

  • Project Management | Florida
    Product Image Plumbers Training Institute

    7 Business Practice Hour Audio Course
    Approval #0610131
    Study the responsibilities and proven methods experienced contractors and builders use to effectively manage all aspects of a building project.

  • Manage Your Way to Big Profits | Florida
    Product Image Building On Budget by Design

    6 General Hour Audio Course
    Approval #0611600​

    Learn the responsibilities a construction project manager must be prepared to perform to maximize the earning potential of each building project you manage with this course.
    0.5 ICC Admin CEUs – Approval #25727

  • Estimating and Bidding for Success | Florida
    Product Image Estimating and Bidding

    7 General Hour Audio Course
    Approval #0611018​

    Calculating a more accurate estimate and bid allows a Florida contractor to get the most out of every job.  Improve your bottom line as we cover all aspects of the bidding process.
    0.7 ICC Admin CEUs – Approval #25472 

  • Contracts, Liabilities and Risk Management | Florida
    Product Image Contracts & Liabilities

    1 Financial Responsibilities Hour & 6 General Hour Video Course
    Approval #0610130

    Understanding how to utilize contract law for risk and liability management will protect your business from unscrupulous people.
    0.7 ICC Admin CEUs – Approval #25447 

  • Construction Safety Standards | Florida
    Product Image OSHA Safety

    7 Workplace Safety Hour Video Course
    Approval #0610133
    In this course that reviews the safety codes, expert project managers explain the responsibilities of both the employer and the employees to create a safe construction site.

  • Required Competency | Florida
    Required Competency | Florida

    6 Business Hour Audio Course
    Approval #0610132​

    This course fulfills 6 hours of required topics which include lead remediation (Workplace Safety), Lien Law (Business Practices), Worker's Compensation, Construction Laws and Rules, and Wind Mitigation.

  • Drones in Construction | Florida
    Product Image Drones in Construction Online Contractor Course 1

    4 General Hour Video Course
    Approval  #0611776​

    Drones are more accessible than ever and beneficial to Contractors but before you take flight, learn the rules and regulations that must be followed to operate commercial drones.
    0.4 ICC Building CEUs – Approval #25730 

  • International Fuel and Gas Code | Florida
    Product Image Fuel & Gas

    3 General Hour Video Course
    Approval #0613095 

    This course provides plumbers with an understanding of the International Fuel Gas Code and how the requirements apply to design, plan review and inspection.

  • Mastering Isometrics – Simplified | Florida
    Product Image Isometrics

    3 General Hour Video Course
    Approval #0613093

    This course provides plumbers with plans and drawings that require more advanced skills for laying out complicated isometric drawings and is applicable to any plumbing code.

  • Successful Site Design | Florida
    Product Image Plumbers Training Institute

    3 General Hour Audio Course
    Approval #0611775

    Designing your building site is key to the success of any building project.  Learn to navigate the challenges and pit falls of site development without compromising design.
    0.3 ICC Sitework CEUs – Approval #25455 

  • 2020 ADV Thermal and Moisture Protection: Keeping the Weather Out | Florida
    Product Image Weatherization

    1 Advanced Hour Audio Course
    Approval #0613890

    Protecting against water damage is a major concern in many building projects in Florida.  Keep your clients dry and your profits high with practical moisture and weather solutions.

  • 2020 ADV Gable End Anchoring & Framing in High Velocity Hurricane Zones | Florida
    Product Image Gable End Anchoring And Framing For High Velocity Winds Online Contractor Course-min

    1 Advanced Hour Audio Course
    Approval #613889

    This course is based on the 2020 Florida Building Code changes that surround the most common causes of gable end failure during high-velocity hurricane events.

  • Plumbing Math | Florida
    Product Image Building On Budget by Design

    1 General Hour Video Course 
    Approval #0613096

    This course will walk you through the basics of plumbing math.  Included are practice equations and formulas that you can work independently.

  • Plan Reading | Florida
    Product Image Plan Reading

    1 General Hour Video Course
    Approval #0613094 

    This course outlines the general layout of both residential and commercial plans, identifying and detailing schedules, legends, symbols and engineering instructions.