How to Keep A Licensed Plumber

These days, skilled plumbers are hard to come by. As a generation of Baby Boomers retire, not enough new plumbers are entering the field to replace them. Now more than ever, employers need to focus on retaining their highly skilled plumbers. Below are a few tips for retaining your plumbers, even after they’re licensed.

  1. Invest in your plumber’s licensing
    • The single best way to retain your staff is to invest in their career. Helping your plumbers obtain a journeyman or master plumber license will make your employees better suited for their job and alleviate your stress and responsibility. Advancing your plumber’s licensing will not only improve the skill sets of your company but signals to your employees that you are taking a genuine interest in their betterment.
    • Set your plumbers up for success. Many plumbers require an exam prep program to pass the tests required for licensing. Setting your employees up with an exam prep program will ensure that they have the knowledge to pass their exam the first time, saving you time and money. An online exam prep program eliminates the time, travel, and expense issues that arise from traditional, classroom exam prep programs.
  2. How to keep your plumbers happy
    Recent studies show that employees who leave their job do it for reasons other than pay, including work-life imbalance, feeling devalued, and lack of mentorship. Here’s how you can create a supportive work environment:

    • Show your plumbers that you value their input. Seek their ideas and suggestions.
    • Schedule regular meetings with your employees. This allows open communication and a chance to talk about concerns and goals.
    • Coach your staff. Give feedback and ways they can improve.
    • Offer competitive benefits packages, including 401k’s and healthcare.
    • Lead by example and create a positive, fun culture at work.
    • Praise goes a long way. Research shows that 88 percent of employees find sincere praise very motivating.
  3. Next steps
    1. Identify the needs of your employees. Help them attain licensing with Journeyman Plumber Test prep, Plumber Training, Master Plumbing practice tests, Plumbing License Exam prep, and more.
    2. Schedule classes that work for you. Online education will fit around your schedule and can be completed during downtime between jobs.
    3. Involve your staff in company goals. Paint a big picture and show them that you want their input for the future. Then, invest in your staff’s professional goals to help your company get there.
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