Tips For Making Older Homes More Efficient

In this recent Plumber Magazine article, master plumber Anthony Pacilla shares some insight on how to convince customers that newer, more energy efficient water systems are worth the investment. Below is a shorter version for easier reading, but you can read the entire article here

Differing Situations

As a plumber, it may be obvious to you that newer systems like tankless water heaters, ultra-high-efficiency toilets, or rain collections systems are valuable for water conservation. But for people who live in older homes and in parts of the country with plentiful water supplies and relatively inexpensive utility costs, the benefits aren’t as clear. Most people in areas like this don’t look at their appliances or water waste as a worthwhile investment.

So how then can you “sell” customers on more efficient products? Start small.

Thinking Small

You don’t always need to overwhelm customers with big-ticket, state-of-the-art (and expensive) items. Instead, try to think of case-by-case opportunities where you can pair a “green solution” with an immediate result.

One simple example is telling a customer about the benefits of a lower water heater temperature. Not only does hotter water use more electricity to make, but it also wears down the water heater quicker. That sort of tangible suggestion resonates with a customer more than hypothetical energy savings after an expensive product installation. Or if you work in a warmer climate with a customer who has an electric water heater, tell them how a heat pump water heater takes humid air and uses it to heat the water. 

Making a Difference – Step By Step

For many homeowners, smaller changes are better for their home and their budget than large upgrades. If you can learn how to tie simple solutions into real-world applications, you can make customers feel like they are making a difference with their bills, while simultaneously helping the environment.

What are some of your favorite suggestions to give customers? Let us know on social media!