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Utah Plumber Continuing Education Course Preview

When you take a continuing education course with Plumbers Training Institute, it’s like having a personal tutor with you wherever you go! Instead of trying to navigate every part of the IPC codes yourself – let us help you work through every section! Below you’ll find a preview from a section of the Fixtures, Faucets, and Fixture Fittings video course, as well as a snippet from the written course text.

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How do I get a Utah Plumbers License?

Apprentice plumbers must meet state requirements before applying to become a Journeyman. State requirements include completing 8,000 hours of training in four years including 576 clock hours of classroom instruction as an apprentice OR 16,000 hours of on the job training and instruction in 8 years as an apprentice. To become a master plumber you must have 4,000 hours of experience in a supervisory plumbing role.

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