How to get Your Plumbing License in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Plumber Exam Prep

The plumbing industry is changing, and in many ways, it’s changing in favor of the professionals who work in it. The demand for plumbers is increasing while the skilled labor workforce is shrinking. The country needs plumbers more than ever before. For you, that means a career with exponential growth, security and a good income.

Do I need a plumbing license in Rhode Island?

The answer is yes if you assemble, cut, fill, hang or install pipe fittings, tubings, fixtures, supports or appliances

Which Rhode Island plumbing license do I need? 

Rhode Island has three plumbing licenses:

  1. Apprentice Plumber
  2. Journeyperson Plumber
  3. Master Plumber

The master plumber license is the most senior, and only obtained after five years in the industry as a Journeyperson Plumber.

How do I get a Journeyperson plumbing license in Rhode Island?

  1. Meet State Requirements
    • Provide proof of being a registered apprentice plumber for the previous four years with 8,000 hours of on the job training during a 5-year period, including 576 hours of training at a state-approved training program.
  2. Submit an application with the fee of $75,
  3. Pass the Rhode Island Journeyman Plumber Exam – Start with exam prep

How do I get a Master Plumber license in Rhode Island? 

After completing five years as a journeyperson, study for the Master Plumber Exam. When you pass, submit a $75 application to the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training.

What does the Rhode Island Journeyman Plumber exam cover?

Terminology and Calculations, Materials and Material Standards, Joints and Connections, Traps and Cleanouts, Plumbing Fixtures, Hangers and Supports, Indirect Waste Piping, Water Distribution Systems, Sanitary Drainage Systems, Vents and Venting Systems, Cross Connections, Storm Drains, Related Subjects, and Inspecting and Testing

What does the Rhode Island Master Plumber Exam cover?

Topics include administration, definitions, plumbing math, regulations, water heaters, fixtures, faucets, water supply and distribution, waste, vents, nonpotable water systems, irrigation systems, appendix E, private sewer systems, fuel gas code, isometrics and more.

How do I prepare for the Rhode Island plumber exams?

Learn and study in the comfort of your own home, and access materials 24/7 using any laptop, tablet, or phone. Courses are available at your own pace and ready whenever you are. Get started today.

Look forward to a bright future as a plumber

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the plumbing field will grow “much faster than average” in the next seven years. They are predicting a 16 percent increase until 2026. A plumber’s median pay is much higher than the average American wage. In 2017, the average plumber brought in $52,590 a year. That same year, the average American brought in just $37,690. These days, aspiring plumbers don’t have to go far to get quality education and training. In fact, courses are available online and from the comfort of your home to help you prepare for the Rhode Island exam.

Study at your own pace and access the courses 24/7 from any computer or mobile device.

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