Benefits of Online Company-Wide Training

Does this situation sound familiar? 

You need to fulfill some training requirements for your employees, but you don’t want to lose money on travel expenses or a wasted day (or days) of labor by using in-person classes.

There’s a better solution that doesn’t involve lodging expenses, lost productivity time, or complicated scheduling: online training! 

Why Use Online Training? 

Online training courses offer two major benefits for your business: they save you time and they save you money.

Instead of taking up a half (or even a whole) day of work sending your employees to in-person classes, online courses give your crew the flexibility they need to finish their training without getting behind on any projects. 

And since our courses work on any device with an internet connection, your employees can finish a course no matter where they are.

Here are a few more reasons more companies are switching to online training solutions:

Greater Flexibility

A major downside of classroom learning is that there’s typically a limited number of classes offered each semester or month. The days and times of classroom sessions won’t always align with your schedule. In our fast-paced world, certain priorities can conflict with class schedules and limit your options.

With online courses, you can easily manage the demands of your family obligations, job, hobbies and other responsibilities. You can sign up for courses anytime and complete them according to your desired timeline.

Your Employees Train at Their Own Pace

Online learning is like hiring a private tutor for every one of your employees. There are no distractions from other classmates, and the pacing of lessons is based on your employee’s comfort level. Your employees can spend as much time as they need on  course material and go back to review at any time.

Business Account Benefits

When you create a business account with us, you get more than just access to our online video courses. You also get an entire team of industry-leading customer service representatives and licensing experts ready to help you.