Wisconsin Plumber License Renewal FAQ’s


Wisconsin plumbers, the next renewal date for Journeyman, Master & Utility Contractors is coming up on March 31st. Be sure to check your license to verify the year of your renewal.

When is my Wisconsin plumber license due for renewal?

All Journeyman, Master, & Utility Contractors – 4 years from licensure on 3/31.
Commercial Plumbing Inspectors – 4 years from licensure on 6/30.
Cross Connection Control Testers – every 4 years on the anniversary of licensure.

Do I need to complete continuing education to renew my Wisconsin plumber license?

Master, Journeyman, & Commercial Plumbing Inspectors – 24 hours
Journeyman & Master Restricted Appliance & Service – 12 hours
Cross Connection Control Testers – 6 hours

How do I renew my Wisconsin plumbing license?

  1. Complete the required continuing education
  2. Send fees and renewal application to the DSPS
  3. Renew online at https://esla.wi.gov/PortalCommunityLogin

What is the renewal fee for my Wisconsin plumbing license?

The renewal fee varies by license type. Please see the chart provided by the state.

Who submits my Wisconsin plumbing license plumbing course completion?

We will submit your records to the state after you have completed the course.

Who do I contact at the state level with questions about my Wisconsin plumbing license?

Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services
4822 Madison Yards Way, Madison, WI 53705
Phone: (608) 266-2112
E-Mail: DSPSCredTrades@wi.gov


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