Why Should You Be A Plumber?

Free Plumbing Exam Prep

The plumbing trade is a great way to be financially stable without a university education. You start a plumbing apprenticeship with a competitive living wage and expect pay raises the more you work and move up in career positions. It’s a great way for a young person to live above the poverty level, and flexible enough for older people to enter the field.

Getting started as a plumber apprentice is a lot of work and depending on where you live there might be terms and conditions such as being required to join a union. Union policy may restrict the amount of time worked during the week and how often you go to school through your apprenticeship. It’s best to understand the implications of joining a union before making a commitment. The good thing about going to school is that everything you learn is applicable to your craft. You don’t need to take an art history class to fulfill an elective requirement.

You get job security based on your merit and work ethic. If you work well and hard enough without safety violations, then a company will try to keep you on their payroll. So, your reputation and merit make a difference. Although field work will teach you much of what you need to know before taking the exams, it is always a good idea to brush up on state regulations and code before testing. An online exam prep program allows you to stay up-to-date without missing work or paying for travel.

Plumbers Training Institute offers comprehensive video exam prep programs for Journeyman Plumbers, Master Plumbers, and Plumbing Contractors. We’ve taken great care to make sure that each prep course is tailored to your state exam so you can pass on your first try. Our courses are taught by an on-screen Master Plumber Instructor and available 24/7 from any computer device, making it easy to work around your schedule.

Download our free plumbing exam prep guide to get a basic overview of what you’ll find on your exam and see how our video programs will move your plumbing career forward!

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