How to Maintain a Successful Plumbing Business

This is the second part of the Plumber Business Development series. Part one covers our video course that will help make sure your new business is profitable. Now we’ll cover some tips on how you can build a solid customer base without spending any extra money. 

Delivering A VIP Customer Service Without Raising Prices

Once you get your business up-and-running, there are few things more important than providing an excellent customer experience. Here are a few highlights from a recent Plumber Magazine article that explains how to improve your customer service experience without raising your prices. 

Simply Be Kind

When a customer interacts with your business, the experience they have can be first-class, adequate, or sub-par —  it all costs the same amount to deliver. Simply being kind, courteous, and considerate can make your customers feel like they’re getting the “VIP treatment” – without costing your business a thing. 

Consistency Is Key…To A Great Customer Experience

Being consistent in how you treat your customers and how you deliver service is an easy way to improve the customer experience and your customer’s perception of your service. Consistency doesn’t have to cost your business anything. All it requires is that you systemize your service and that your employees know — without a shadow of a doubt — what the customer experience should look like. 

From there, it’s just a matter of following processes and aligning all actions and words with the company’s core values.

Empower Your Employees 

Have you ever spoken with someone at a business who has no power to help you? It’s frustrating and a waste of everyone’s time. Don’t force your employees to feel the powerlessness that comes with telling a customer, “I’m sorry…but…

Instead, give them the power and authority to help. Not all decisions need approval from the top. Let your employees know when they can make customer-centric decisions without approval. 

Let them know how important it is to you that every customer feels heard and has their problems solved. Give them some general guidelines and then let them go. It typically won’t cost you, but it’ll vastly improve the customer experience. 

This article can be found in its entirety in Plumbers Magazine.

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