How To Become A Licensed Plumber In Vermont

If you’re thinking of becoming a licensed plumber in the state of Vermont, there are a few steps you should follow.

  1. Meet state requirements
    • Include Certificate of Completion provided by the Vermont State Apprenticeship Council,
    • A certified statement of licensure or completed apprenticeship from another state acceptable to the board,
    • OR Document showing successful completion of the instruction, training an experience in or out of the state acceptable to the board (to include at least 12,000 hours).
      All hours must be documented by affidavits from a licensed Master Plumber.
  2. Complete a Journeyman License Application
  3. Pay the $90 Application Fee
  4. Pass the Journeyman Plumber Exam – Study before you test!

What are the examination fees for the plumbers’ license in Vermont?

$65 for pencil and paper exam, $100 for computer exam. These are the same for both Journeyman and Master Plumbers.

What are the plumbing licensing fees in Vermont?

For a Journeyman, $90
For a Master, $120

What can I expect with the Vermont plumbing exam?

Each candidate will be given a packet containing an examination booklet, plans (if appropriate), an answer sheet, and a sheet for calculations. You will not need additional scratch paper. All of this material must be enclosed in the return envelope along with the original envelope and confirmed by the proctor. Any comments pertinent to the examination or site should be recorded by you on a comment sheet available from the proctor and mailed to the Code Council. Under no circumstances are examination materials to be taken from the room.

What should I bring to the Vermont plumber exam?

For computer-based examinations, examinees must provide their testing confirmation number (that was provided by the Pearson VUE representative at the time of exam registration) at the testing site on the exam day in order to be admitted to take the exam. The name on the exam reservation must match the name on the ID provided. If it does not, you will not be allowed to test and will forfeit your exam fee. Neither the Code Council nor Pearson VUE can make an exception to this policy.

For paper-and-pencil or computer-based examinations, examinees must possess and present a valid (unexpired) photo ID with signature, issued by a state or federal regulatory agency, e.g., a driver’s license, passport, etc. If you are unable to present identification as required by the Code Council and Pearson VUE or have questions about what will be allowed, you must call Pearson VUE (computer-based exams) or ICC (paper-and-pencil exams) at least two days prior to your scheduled exam to make other arrangements.

Examinees may bring the following items to the examination:

  • Three No. 2 pencils (sharpened) [PAPER-AND-PENCIL TESTING ONLY]
  • Reference(s) as listed in this Examination Information Bulletin for the applicable exam—no other reference material will be allowed into the testing center:
    • Bound (original bound book, three-ring binder, or stapled)
    • Notes written in ink or highlighted in code sections
    • Permanently attached tabs (tabs that can’t be removed without destroying the page)
    • Pencil notes in your references that are highlighted prior to arrival at the test center
    • Photocopies of copyrighted materials are not allowed
  • Magnifying glass
  • Eyeglasses, if necessary
  • Architects’ scale or rule
  • Watch without alarm/camera [PAPER-AND-PENCIL TESTING ONLY]
  • Battery-operated calculator:
    • Nonprogrammable
    • Not capable of storing examination information
    • No ribbon or paper printing capabilities
  • Foreign language/English translation dictionaries, if needed.

Where can I take the Vermont plumbers license exam?

If the application is approved by the Plumbing Board, the applicant will be added to the ICC (International Code Council) database and the applicant becomes eligible within one week to take the examination. A packet with all necessary information will be mailed at that time

How do I know if I passed the Vermont plumber exam?

If you take a computer-based exam, you will know your results immediately. If you take a paper and pencil exam, results are mailed within three to four weeks of the exam date. Pass results will be posted to the Code Council website in approximately the same time frame.

Are there accommodations for individuals with special needs during the plumbing licensing exam?

If you have a disability that prohibits you from taking the examination under standard conditions, you may request special arrangements. Your request must accompany your registration form. In addition to the letter of request, a special accommodations form must be submitted. This form may be obtained by contacting the Candidate Services Coordinator at or 1-888-422-7233 ext 5552. Please contact the department for instructions concerning the required information before you submit your application. Completed accommodations forms must be submitted and approved by the examination department a minimum of three months prior to the requested examination administration date.

Can I be waived from the plumbing examination?

You can be waived from the plumbing examination if you hold a license in another state or municipality that offers a reciprocal license and exemption for licensees in Vermont. You must still pay the required fee.

How often do I have to renew my plumbing license in Vermont?

You must renew your license every two years. If your license has lapsed, it may be renewed within 90 days of its expiration date along with a $15 reinstatement fee in addition to the renewal fee.

If your license has lapsed past 90 days, you must apply for reinstatement and appear before the board. Applicants for license renewal must provide the board with evidence of completion of 8 hours of continuing education or training that is board-approved, completed within the previous 2 years and two of which must be code review. A copy of a certificate is acceptable evidence of this.

Is continuing education required to renew my Vermont plumbing license?

Yes, you must complete 8-hours of continuing education each cycle including 2-hours of code review.

If I am licensed in another State, do I still have to get a Vermont Plumbing License?


Who do I contact regarding a plumbing license in Vermont?

The Division of Public Safety, Division of Fire Safety

Michael Desrochers, Executive Director
Joseph Benard, Deputy Director

1311 US Route 302 – Suite 600
Barre, VT 05641
Phone:  802-479-7561
Toll-Free:  800- 640-2106

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