Fire Suppression Sprinklers, Valves, and Hydraulic Calculations | Idaho

4 Hour Video Course
Approval #20-851906

This course covers the parts of a sprinkler assembly, sprinkler orientation, system valves, types of systems, hydraulic calculations and water flow friction loss.



Instructor: Karl Wiegand

This course is an introduction to the basics regarding fire sprinklers, valves and hydraulic calculations. Students will become familiar with the parts of a sprinkler assembly and the significance of sprinkler orientation. Next they will learn the basics of sprinkler system valves and the types of systems they service. Finally, hydraulic calculations are discussed as they relate to water supply, water flow and friction loss.

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Have an understanding of sprinkler components, types of systems, and orientation
  • Be better equipped to provide fire suppression systems to their design
  • Determine fire suppression system valves and the types of systems they service
  • Be able to calculate hydraulics within these systems for ensured water and timing requirements.

This Course Covers:

  • Sprinkler basics, parts, orientation, and types
  • Types of valves, sprinkler systems, setting air pressure and water delivery
  • Hydraulic Calculations – Water pressure, supply and flow, friction loss, pipe diameter, examples


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